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The origin of the dolls (RoTG Shift rp deleted scene)

Hilary and Mori were playfully arguing over names for their unborn shifter-human cross, "Akalex if it's a boy!" Mori said, laughing a bit as his wife whacked him with a pillow, "I think Marceline would be a beautiful name for a girl!" she responded, laughing as Mori whacked her with a pillow. The two kissed, Mori holding her close to him.

After being told the story of what happened to her Mom and dad in law and brother in law, Hilary began to cry, "I don't want our baby to go through this...I know I'll make stuffed dolls versions of them!" she thought, smiling through her tears. She ran to a craft store and bought some supplies. It took her what felt like weeks, but it was worth it to see three shifter dolls, all three representing Mori's parents and younger brother. "Oh!" Hilary said, laughing a bit. "You're a hard kicker, aren't you...a lot like me...".
This is the origin of the three dolls Marceline has. Mori basically told Hilary about what happened, which made her sad. Hilary vowed to live for her daughter, but she also didn't want her daughter to grow up without at least knowing her grandparents. Hence why Hilary made dolls.

This is what Hilary looks like after the time-skip

RoTG Shift belongs to :iconlivingalivecreator:
RoTG in general belongs to DreamWorks
Everything else belongs to me =p
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September 24, 2013
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