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Even in Death

Marceline was now born, crying and wanting her mother, who was busy talking with her family members, the only ones that wanted to see Marceline. She was crying as many people showered her with gifts, too many people were calling her "cute" or a "sweetie". Hilary picked up her baby, walking off to the bathroom to breast feed her daughter. Hours later, Hilary and Mori were asleep, Marceline awake and sucking on her pacifier. Her green eyes focused on something that moved, three animal spirits. She smiled up at them, reaching her arms out for them. She heard the doe speak, "This is my granddaughter...I love her!" The buck, big and strong, like a Bruise Willis of the shifters snorted, "She's part human, Angelique, I don't think I can like her!!" it said. Angelique glared, hating how her mate, Matthew, "Dear, I don't care if she's part human, she is our granddaughter!" Matthew snorted, but Marceline smiled up at him and Angelique. "She likes you, Matthew! She especially likes me, our little Marceline!" Angelique said, nuzzling her granddaughter's cheek, Marceline laughed. "Hi there, my little niece!" a young boy's voice quirked up. "Marceline, this is your Uncle Akalex." Marceline squeed. Hilary gasped as she walked into the room, she could see her dead in-laws. Angelique smiled, a way of saying, "Thank you, for making my Mori happy!" Matthew simply walked over to her, examining her. "Matthew, cut that out!!" Angelique yelled, making Matthew snort. Akalex smiled, the family disappearing, Marceline still smiled, her smile  bigger as she saw her mother's gift to her, her grandparents and Uncle all as stuffed toys.

Even in Death by specter-fangal

That's right peeps, while Marceline was a baby, she saw her grandparents and Mori's younger brother. Mori's parents don't got names So I gave them names: Angelique is the mother, Matthew is the father and Akalex is Mori's younger brother. Only :iconlivingalivecreator: knows their real names. And I think Mori's mom is an Angelique X'D

Title is based off an Evanescence song of the same name

Everything RoTG (c) DreamWorks
RoTG shift (c) :iconlivingalivecreator:
Everything else (c) me =p
katiebug080592 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist
"Bruise Willis of the shifters" lol.

anyway this was so cute.^^
specter-fangal Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Student Writer

Thanks X'D


Thanks for faving this ;3

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August 27, 2013
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