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The path of hatred

Hilary was seen running through the woods, hoping to stop her father from killing Mori. Zephyr was coming as well, but to kill her father and the other shifter hunters. "No!!" Hilary yelled, hugging onto Mori in his true form, her father glaring down at her. "If you have to kill Mori, you'll have to kill me too!" Hilary said, tears forming in her eyes. "Hilary, stand back!" her father demanded, Zephyr thinking, "Hilary, such an adorable name...". "I won't! I love him, father..." Hilary said, now crying. She held onto Mori gently, Mori nuzzling close to his human lover. "Looks around you! This is where the path of hatred towards these innocent creatures have brought us! The path of peacefulness with Mori is the path I choose, what will yours be?!" she asked, crying now. Lucy's spirit, made every shifter fighter calm, especially her father. If Mori's family, especially true about his father, were alive, they  would be amazed by her dedication towards Mori. Andrew, Hilary's father, dropped his knife, but cut Mori free. Hilary and Mori, who was now in his human form, hugged onto his human lover. "My daughter speaks with the wisdom beyond her years! We have all come with anger in our hearts, but she comes with courage and understanding! From this day forward, if there is to be more killing, it will not start with me!" Andrew said to his fellow fighters, who agreed with the man, they understood Hilary and Andrew all together. Andrew was now a target of Zephyr, who charged at Andrew, Hilary got in the way, revealing she was willing to take a charge to her gut. Mori however pushed Hilary out of the way, taking his uncle's attack.
Based off of a scene from the Disney movie Pocahontas. I envision this happening to Mori, but thanks to Hilary showing her father and the other shifter fighters that the path of the hatred towards the shifters has to stop. Reason why I mentioned Mori's family: I just think that since Mori's dad was a tough guy, that might even make him a softie, just listening to Hilary speaking the exact truth of what happened years ago. Hilary feels the genocide wasn't worth the hatred, but Zephyr thinks differently and tried to kill both Hilary and her father.

Zephyr in human form livingalivecreator.deviantart.…

I think that the Disney movie Pocahontas is a definitely suits HilaryxMori love

I own nothing RoTG
Everything RoTG shift (c) :iconlivingalivecreator:
Pocahontas belongs to Disney…
I just own OCs (Hilary, her father and the shifter fighters)
RowanRhed Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2013  Student General Artist
Finian: yet another reason to hate being his son
Corvus ; welcome to the club, and at least your twin sister isn't trying to destroy the guardians 
Finian: * looks at his sister Andlyss* true
I love these guys they're so funny and a bit sarcastic and all round very similar differences 
Corvus is violent and his father is Pitch Black 
Finian is fairly peaceful and is Zephyr's  son
specter-fangal Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Student Writer
Oh ok <3
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