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RoTG Shift delete scene (part 2)

Here's the second and final part, Zephyr is gonna one pissed off S.O.B. X'D

It was around 10:00 pm, Hilary, Mori and Marceline were all asleep. The sound of the fireplace crackling, but the peace was broken when Hilary awoke at the sound of the living room window break. "Sweetie?" Hilary asked. "I heard it.." Mori grumbled in his sleep. "A burglar??" Hilary asked, adding a, "Well????" as Mori wouldn't wake up. The prideful shifter got up, shirtless and in a pair of black and green sleep pants. "Please wake up, you know you're sloppy when you're not awake." Hilary said, adding, "Oh and honey, don't hurt him, we're starting fresh...And honey, don't break anything, I just got the house organized..." she said. Mori groaned, but kept his calm attitude, replying, "Alright already, I'm gonna try to enjoy this anyway..".

Mori made his way towards the living room, glaring at the white-haired figure, "don't move..What did you take, the sliver? My mother-in-law gave that to-" Mori got cut off by a stinging sensation in his chest. "That Alexandra, what brown eyes she had!" Zephyr said, revealing his face. "Zephyr..." Mori groaned in pain. "Don't act so surprised, Mori. You had to know I'd return to settle an old grudge and the best part is, the guardians don't even know I've escaped yet." Zephyr said, going through Mori's mail, stopping the shifter in mid-air with his mane-based rope. "Cool, huh...Just a little something I've been perfecting since you SENT ME TO THAT ICE PRISON!!" Zephyr yelled out the last bit in anger as he threw Mori against the walls. "Hey don't bother with 911 sweetheart, I cut the wires, just leave the scene, ok?!" Zephyr yelled out towards Hilary, making Mori beyond pissed, even Zephyr should know not to look at another Shifter's mate like that. Zephyr still used Mori as a shifter battering ram, glaring over at Hilary, "I believe I said you can go!" he yelled, Hilary terrified of Mori's current appearance, his face as all bruised and bloodied up. "And don't try to help him out, you little scamp and I'll let you live...It's not your fault, you just shouldn't gotten involved with a shifter like this pathetic one here..." Zephyr said, suddenly caught off guard when Hilary tripped him.

Hilary and Mori tried to pounce on Zephyr, who tied them to rolling chairs, "Oh no...Hilary Anderson?!" Zephyr yelled, laughing a bit. "You actually chose her to be your mate?!" he added, still finding this hilarious. Zephyr got cut off by hearing the sound of Marceline crying. "And had a kid, it's a family of outcasts! Looks like I hit the jackpot!" Zephyr said, Marceline making sounds in the background. "And you, you are breaking the law there, Mori. You should know shifters aren't supposed to breed with humans!" Zephyr said, slowly turning around as he heard Marceline crying. Hilary's heart sunk, what Zephyr could do her Marceline terrified her. Zephyr finally reached the baby's room, smirking at crib, only finding a teddy bear. He looked at Marceline's parents in confusion, upon leaning closer to the crib, he saw the bear look at him, "wait a minute..." he said, groaning in disgust as Marceline puked in his eyes. Hilary and Mori took this chance and slipped out of the rope, Hilary running past Zephyr to grab Marceline, who smiled up at her mom. Mori in shock as he saw Zephyr grab Hilary, but he did the same thing, noticing a shocked expression on his face. Zephyr sat there tied up, Marceline  was clinging onto her mom, who was trying to call the police. "Forget it, he cut the wires, remember?" Mori asked, hugging onto Hilary. "Do you smell gas??" she asked him, the two seeing the fireplace, "Grab on!" Mori yelled, taking Marceline gently. Hilary jumped onto Mori's back, Mori in his true form was he literally sprinted out of the house, Marceline being carried by her father's mouth. The house blew up, all the family could do was watch and wait. Mori blew off a piece of burning rubble, Mori and Hilary took Marceline, gently caressing their baby's head. Marceline smiled up at her parents, the sound of sirens in the background meant everything was going to be fine.
Here's the second and final part. Marceline saved her parents, literally. Basically, to those who don't know about the shifter-human cross, A shift and a human (combinations can be male shifter and female human or a female shifter and a male human) cross is a baby that looks human, but has the capabilities of the shifter mommy or daddy. Tooth unfortunately cries every time she saw one because she knew their fate: If a shifter-human cross was discovered, he or she had to be killed. Shifter hunters would tie the kids up to a stake and burn them, but shifters would trample the poor kids to death. Shifters are so prideful of themselves they'd kill innocent shifter-human cross kids to preserve the purity of the race.

Everything RoTG (c) DreamWorks
RoTG Shift (c) :iconlivingalivecreator:
everything else (c) me =p
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RowanRhed Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2013  Student General Artist
Andlyss: Daaaad why did you have to burn Mori's house down!
Finian: This is why I wear hats  who ants to be the son of that guy I mean seriously sis your lucky that you look like our Aunt!
Andlyss: Sorry Fin I forgot your uh relationship with Zephyr
these are my OCs that are shifters Anldyss is a girl and Finian is her twin brother they're Zephyr's kids Andlyss looks like Mori's mom and Fin looks like his father
specter-fangal Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2013  Student Writer
Cool! <3
LivingAliveCreator Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That's the first time someone's written about Zephyr, you did a good job.
specter-fangal Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Student Writer
Why thank you <3
AlexandraFrostFiolee Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013
OMG!:o (Eek) That was...OMG!La la la la 
specter-fangal Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2013  Student Writer
Glad you loved it :)
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