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RoTG Shift: Finale

Based off Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas (I love that movie BTW >w<). I kind of envisioned this as the "ending" for RoTG Shift for Hilary and Mori. Why? Cause I approve of JackxSally! <3

Pitch had been defeated a second time, the guardians celebrated at the pole. Hilary smiled at how things turned out, but reminded herself of how Mori claimed he hated her. She picked up an aster and walked out of the pole. Her father, who kicked Mori on the leg, told the shifter, "Go to her shifter! I will say this once and I won't say it again, I hate anyone who treats my daughter like she's crap, especially like their punching bag and even I know you love her! Go on and go to her, now!" he yelled, making Mori especially jump. Hilary wasn't kidding when she told him and the guardians when she warned them about her father's temper and how protective he was of her. Mori ran out into the snow to find her and found her sitting on top of a hill in the clearing, picking off aster petals.

My dearest fighter if you don't mind
I'd like to join you by your side
Where we can gaze into the stars

*both Hilary and Mori, the two slowly walking towards each other*

And sit together, now and forever
For it is plain, as anyone can see
We're simply mean to be!

Hilary smiled, turning away to hide the red on her cheeks, Mori gently grabbing her chin, his emerald green eyes staring into her deep blue ones. Both share a quick kiss, Mori hugging onto her gently afterwards

RoTG Shift: Finale by specter-fangal

/ / / / ©2013-2016 specter-fangal
As said in the fanfic-lyric thingy, this is based off one of my favorite Tim Burton Movie scenes.

I don't own anything RoTG or Tim Burton
Lyrics itself are a parody by me

The scene from the movie…
LivingAliveCreator Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Aww :3
specter-fangal Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2013  Student Writer

Tehee <3


Tim Burton's work rocks! >w<

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