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Marcy-Marcy attack

A young woman was seen being interrogated by North, whom looked like an old man to her, just a regular old man. "State your name please." North said. "Stephanie, Steph for short!" Stephanie replied. North stopped her and told her to tell him what had happened to her. "Well, Hilary and I have been best buds since high school and she and her husband wanted to go for a dinner date..."

A few days ago, Stephanie was babysitting Hilary and Mori's baby girl. "C'mon Hilary, don't worry, I can handle anything this baby can dish out!" Steph said, making faces at Marcy, "Can't I little baby? Who can handle it? Who can handle it??" Steph grew confused as the phone was hung up, but shrugged it off as Hilary going off to enjoy herself. "She knows you're in good hands...Now who's ready for some neurological stimulation?" Stephanie asked, Marceline stopped chewing on an orange wedge to give a, "What?!" look on her face. Marceline was placed on the floor, surrounded by toys of all sorts that confused her. Just as soon as Mozart was played, her green eyes looked different, like they were now glowing. "It's time for cognitive develop-" Stephanie got cut off by Marcy disappearing, then reappearing behind a vase. "Oh, where's the goo-goo baby? Where's the hiding...huh?" Stephanie looked over by the fridge and saw Marceline sitting in front of the door, sucking on a bottle. Stephanie began to call, unaware that Marceline just placed herself up against the ceiling. "Ah! Marceline, baby where are you? Where are you-" Stephanie got cut off by Marceline, who figured out how to take off the cap to her bottle of milk and poured it on Steph.

"Hilary, it's me old buddy, everything's going swimmingly, but weird things are happening and you really need to tell me what to do, cause I don't-" Steph got cut off by not seeing Marceline, until she looked at the bookshelf, "How did you get...ah!!" she screamed out as she saw Marceline fall, she caught her or so she thought as she saw the baby transform into a kitten. She ran after that kitten, grabbing Marceline, who simply laughed at how fun this was.

"We're gonna calm things down a bit now and look at flash cards...Won't that be fun?" she asked, grabbing a flashcard from Marceline, who laughed as she held onto a stuffed doll version of her grandpa. "Triangle" Steph said, smiling as she heard a happy sound coming from they baby's mouth. "Good...House..." she said, smiling as she heard a "Ada". Steph sighed in relief, "Good....Camp fire...". Marceline gave her just that, making Stephanie scream. "Don't panic! Baby on fire, baby on fire!!" she yelled out, struggling to grab the tongs from the fireplace kit. She grabbed Marceline, who laughed and seemed to be enjoying this, and ran off to the bathroom with her. She dunked the baby into the tub, steam filling the room. "Good baby!!!! Nice baby!" Stephanie yelled out.

The next day, Marceline was seen playing with some of her toys, startling Stephanie. She hiccupped, Marceline shifted into some fire, a fire extinguisher was blasted on her. She sneezed some form of wind blasted her face, but a mirror blocked it. Zephyr knocked on the door, "Yes?" Steph asked, sounding terrified. "Is this the residence of Hilary and Mori?" he asked, jumping a bit as he heard Steph yell, "Yes, I'm Stephanie, the babysitter!!". "Well hello there Stephanie, I'm-" "You're my replacement, thank heavens you've come!! Why're your eyes red?" she asked. "They're...Contacts, originally my eye color was green, but I thought, why not make them red?"

North shook his head, "And you believed Zephyr...". Stephanie yelled, sounding a bit angered, "The baby was exploding and transforming! You ever sit an exploding and transforming baby, Mr. north?!"

Marcy-Marcy attack by specter-fangal

/ / / / ©2013-2016 specter-fangal
This is a parody of the Disney and Pixar short "Jack-Jack Attack"

Major note to all people: Don't play Mozart around Marceline. This may happen to you as well X'D

RoTG shift belong to :iconlivingalivecreator:
RoTG in general belongs to DreamWorks
Jack-Jack attack belongs to Pixar
Everything else belongs to me =p
RowanRhed Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013  Student General Artist
*choking and laughing making people around me stare* too funny pffft and I have to have some sypathy for stephanie my baby brother set the pool on fire one time while I was watching him , seriously a pool full of water!
specter-fangal Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013  Student Writer
RowanRhed Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Student General Artist
yeah he had a blast. me, I had to explain to my parents how he managed to set a pool full of water on fire. NOT FUN:grumpy: 
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