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When us guardians found out about Hilary carrying a child with someone like Mori, it literally shocked us. After nine months of waiting though, she was born, a baby that literally changed even her father's mind on the Shifter race

"Marceline?" Mori asked, smiling as a small baby girl with emerald green eyes looked up at her father, holding onto a small stuffed doll of a Shifter buck. "Marceline, let's go for a walk..." Mori said, picking up his daughter as he began to show her around the forest. "I hated to admit it, and still do, but that shifter you chose to marry...So far is being an amazing parent.." Hilary's father said, blinking in shock a bit. "Mori's trying to make her a "sweetie"." Hilary father looked at her in confusion, "You know like putting sugar into coffee, something like that...Mori doesn't want Marceline to be filled with hate.." Hilary replied.

As the years passed, Marceline grew. She grew into a beautiful little girl, one who has made both of her parents very happy.

Hilary was seen trying to find a bottle of Windex,  opening the door under the kitchen sink. "Mommy, can I-" she heard as she opened the cabinet door. Hilary peeped over and saw Marceline, "AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Marceline!!!!!" Hilary screamed out, scaring Mori a lot. "What happened?!" he asked, worried as soon as he heard his mate scream. "I did something terrible: I practically attacked our daughter! Marceline, mommy is so sorry sweetie! Does it hurt? Of course it has to hurt!! Mommy is so very, very, very, sorry baby!!" Hilary said, gently hugging onto her child. Marceline looked up at her parents with a smile, "What??" she asked, a single drop of blood coming out of her nose, making Hilary pass out. Mori had Marceline sit down on his lap as he tended to the nose bleed, "I'm impressed Marceline, you made the only shifter fighter that wasn't afraid of me to pass out, you're something special Marcy." Mori said, Hilary was on the couch repeating, "Blood...My baby girl is bleeding!".

Marceline by specter-fangal

This is a bit of a short story-thingy as to why Marceline is well loved by her parents. She makes them laugh, smile, especially Mori.

RoTG Shift belongs to :iconlivingalivecreator:
RoTG in general belongs to dreamworks
Ocs belong me =p
katiebug080592 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013  Student Digital Artist
this was too cute. My mom said she freaked with my first nosebleed too.
specter-fangal Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013  Student Writer
Glad you like <3
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