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Hilary burnt at the stake

The prideful Shifter Mori was chained up and locked up, many people angered by what they were hearing, "The Anderson descendant has been found guilty of the crime of shifter-human child bearing, the sentence...Death!". All Mori could do was struggle, snorting in anger, but gave up. He jerked up as he heard the headmaster, the overall leader of the shifter-fighter bloodlines say, "It's time to send this unholy mother back where she belongs!". "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Mori yelled, using every last of rage strength to break free. When the dust settled, Mori began to charge through the crowd, knocking down every fighter out of his way. He transformed into his preferred form, cutting the ropes with a knife, holding onto Hilary as he transformed into a black eagle, flying towards the top of a high ledge, the cave where he lived. "Sanctuary!!! Sanctuary!!!!!!" he yelled, hoping the spirits of his species could hear him, Hilary's family seemed to be cheering on Mori, revealing they were tired of taking crap from an old man, a very spiteful old man. "Captain!" The captain saluted, "sir!", sword at his side. "Seize that cave!"

Andrew broke all of his family members out, "Every fellow Anderson! The headmaster has been pushing us around for centuries, years of torture and merciless orders to murder innocents! Now, he plans on killing one of the Andersons, will we allow it?!" Andrew yelled, all the Andersons, including the young children and the husbands and wives of shifter fighters, cried out, "Noooo!!".

Hilary burnt at the stake by specter-fangal

/ / / / ©2013-2015 specter-fangal
A parody from the Disney film The Hunchback of Notre dame

I don't own anything RoTG
RoTG shift (c) :iconlivingalivecreator:
Original scene belongs to Disney…
I own OCs
LivingAliveCreator Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like that movie too :)
specter-fangal Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Student Writer
Yeah, althought the song "God Help The Outcasts" still makes me wanna cry :'C
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August 28, 2013
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